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An efficient truss building system needs to start with a great saw. The new XL-Saw from TCT Automation, LLC. is by far the fastest "One Truss at a Time" cutting operation. Robust components in a straight forward design. Unparalleled optimization lets you make the best use of lumber without sacrificing performance! Cuts 2x3 thru 2x12 at 2500 board feet per hour. Get TCT legendary performance and reliability at a price for today’s economy with an autofeeder.

Efficient Lumber Feed

Efficiency starts at the feed system. There have been many efforts to automate lumber delivery. Carousels, lumber trains, live decks and even automated bunk feeders address the delivery need, but not the quality of lumber fed. TCT’s simple chain deck offers continuous feed, and the option to cull lower quality members early in the production process, saving time from the start by eliminating the need to recut material.



TCT pioneered the “saw in a box” concept, which has now become the standard for linear saws. With this option available there is no reason to open your plant to injury with open blade saws.


No other saw on the market today offers the value of the TCT XL-Saw. From its low initial cost to its unmatched performance, the TCT has no close competition. The TCT XL-Saw costs 40 percent less and cuts 40% more wood than the competition while saving the owner as much as 500% on upkeep. These are features that can help you turn a profit even during these highly competitive times. Every stick of lumber cut on any other saw is just money thrown away!


TCT has always been known for its reliability. Built out of the best materials, with a solid yet simple design. It is built to do one job, cut roof truss components. Machines designed to be overly complicated lose their ability to perform efficiently.

TCT Innovation

TCT has long been a leader in bringing innovation to the roof truss industry. We were the first with a fully enclosed linear saw. The first to automate material delivery from the saw directly to the table and the first to build a successful fully automated robotic truss line. TCT will continue to improve our current line of equipment as well as offer new and cost effective automation solutions to the building component industry.

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