XL-Kit: Gold


1 PD-0001 Ceram Valve, Single
1 RJ-0001-4 Acme Nut 3/4-10" and Flange and Locating Pins
8 RA-0001 R12 Bearings (Fences, Clamps & Upper Rollers)
2 RC-0002 Browning Bushing 1-1/4"
1 MD-0007 REA Install Kit: Cap, Tube, Filter & Coupling)
1 EW-0005 XL-Saw Head Motor Cable
1 RA-0020 Saw Head Motor Repair Kit
1 PC-0012-2 SMC Carriage Cylinder Seal Kit*

1 PC-0009 2"x2" Air Cylinder

1 PC-0012 SMC Carriage Cylinder *

1 EJ-0001 AC Tech 5hp *

1 PE-0001 SMC Trio (Filter, Regulator & Lubricator)

2 RE-0010 Feed Roller, Black Nitride

1 EG-0017 Through Beam Auto Feeder Sensor *

1 EC-0001 Through Beam Auto Feeder Sensor Cable *

1 RC-0001 Urethane Spider

1 EE-0004 E-Stop Button with Base

2 HG-0006 16" Saw Blade (In Addition to 3 that Come with Saw)


* Confirm Style for Kits Purchased After Market
*** SSD No Longer Included


Gold Kit Delivered in a Water Resistant Lockable Trunk for Storage


Free Delivery when Delivered at installation of your new XL-Saw


Kit must be ordered 30 days prior to install to receive free delivery. Standard shipping costs apply to orders placed after this date.

XL-Kit: Gold


    NOTE: TCT Customers with existing accounts can order online using a PO# in the message to seller box. No credit card required.