What is a Websaw 1300?

Begins with an Existing Websaw - Any Model
Existing Carriage, Clamps, Feed Rollers, and Gravity Conveyors Removed, Exterior of Frame Pressure Washed and Repainted, New Z-Axis is Installed with New Saw Head and 16" Blade, Feed Shafts, Bearings, Planetary Drives and Motors are Reused if in Working Condition. New Rollers and Motor Cables are Installed. New Gravity Conveyors with New Springs are Installed. New 2x6 Clamping with Roller Shoes and Roller Fences are Installed. Scrap Conveyor Bearings, Chain, Sprockets, Gear Drive and Motor are Re-Used if in Working Condition. New Scrap Conveyor Belt is Installed. Ceram Valves are Reused if in Working Condition. New Hose, Fittings and Trio are Installed. The Existing Control Panel is Re-Used if in Working Condition.  All New Motor Amplifiers, All New Power Supplies, New Computer, New PMAC Clipper Motion Control Card, New Touch Screen Monitor,  All New Exterior Control Buttons, Fuse Disconnect, Cooling Fans and Filters are Installed.

A TCT technician will install and calibrate the 1300, we will offer one day of training immediately following the installation.  The Websaw 1300 is not classified as new machinery, and is sold "As Is".  Any existing parts that are re-used are tested as working but are not considered refurbished.